About Us

Gau Shan Ching Hotel is located at Alishan National Scenic Area and Alishan Forest Recreation Area, offering guests easy access to the most renowned attractions in Alishan. With the convenient location, guests can easily enjoy the sunrise, cloud sea, cherry blossom, the divine tree, and high mountain rail. Gau Shan Ching Hotel is one of the few hotels in Alishan that equipped with elevator and heating. In addition to the hotel’s wonderful location and well-equipped facilities, its heartfelt service, hospitable atmosphere, and gourmet dishes are what make Gau Shan Ching the best choice for visitors to Alishan.


Standard Double Room


VIP Quad Room


Room for 6


High Speed Rail + Bus:

Take High Speed Rail to THSR Chiayi Station → Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 7329 (Alishan Route A) at exit No. 2


  • Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Fare is calculated by section around TWD 278/ one way. Ticket on Bus.
  • Buses and shuttles stop at Alishan Bus Station. It’s a 10-minute walk from the bus station.

Local Cuisine

The chef cleverly incorporates local ingredients, including wasabi, tea, and tofu, into the hotel restaurant’s menu, offering many special dishes such as vegetable fern salad with passion fruit dressing and wasabi tofu as well as many other must-try delicacies.

Alishan Attractions